Lifetones Mix 001 by Ilan
DJ Mix

Please introduce yourself, and the thoughts / ideas going into the mix you have made for Lifetones.

Hey there! Ilan here. Israel-born, London-dwelling, Malaysian-food-obsessed. Arguably, I’ve invested way too much time and money over the years buying trashy Italo records and supporting my local football team (Boreham Wood FC) – but no regrets.

During the stillness of lockdown last year, I cobbled together a few mixes and shared them with a handful of friends. My aim was to help lift their spirits during those dark and uncertain hours – but listening back the vibe is fairly morose. Oops! Anyhow, I’ve borrowed some bits from those mixes and thrown in some ‘lighter’ tunes to help take the edge off.

A word of caution: my home setup is basic and my ability to mix is, at best, questionable. The levels are all over the place. Some records are clearly in need of a good clean. But the love is there and hopefully that shines through.

What are some questions/ideas/concepts you are currently interested in?

It’s no secret that we’re experiencing a seismic shift towards ecological and environmental catastrophe. This is a huge weight on the conscience of course. In parallel and somewhat ironically, I’ve found myself becoming increasingly introspective in recent months/years. It’s a big conversation and not easy to articulate. For now, I’ll just say that the Lifetones mix attempts to capture this reflective journey; the warm glow of nostalgia laced with a thread of sadness. An understanding that some cherished memories will continue to flicker and fade as time accelerates.

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Lifetones Mix 001 by Ilan - Tracklist

1. Beyond Sound - Journey to the Source

2. Giancarlo Ragni - La Voce Del Vento

3. Darrell John - For The Rain

4. Jim Lamarche & Theresa Moylan - Make Believe

5. John Huckert & Mary Little - Night Song

6. Ken Yajima & Visions - Journey to the End of Time

7. Scott Walker - Such a Small Love

8. A Winged Victory for the Sullen - Requiem For The Static King Part Two

9. Pep - Mystery

10. Blue Box - Alles Nur

11. No Ties - Lovely Way (Instrumental)

12. Yvon Mora - Tropique Du Cancer

13. ZHL 84 - מולדת מרקדת

14. Scarlet Rivera - Journey With An Angel

15. Rudi Gagola - Balada Laki Laki

16. Matti Caspi - תגידי

17. Carol Lipson - Ballad of the Old Man

18. John Huckert & Mary Little - Sweet Cocaine